AFA helps companies create and strengthen their competitive positioning. We help clients recognize what makes their organizations’ DNA unique. We use this DNA to create a corporate branding strategy that tells the world why they should be paying attention to you, your company and your message. The brand becomes the message.

Every company strives to be a brand in the minds of its constituents, but creating that brand takes more than just determination; it requires a team that understands how to identify the core values and qualities of an organization within its competitive landscape. We craft a distinctive identity for your company that rings true with management and resonates with target audiences.

B2B integrated marketing strategies are about the development of a branding blueprint that strengthens and reinforces the essential identity of an institution or professional services firm with its stakeholders and clients.

Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial to staking out a position that is unassailable and that becomes the foundation for creative marketing solutions. Much of what we do is developing and implementing a B2B integrated marketing strategy program that encompasses the full range of marketing initiatives, including strategic communications, social media marketing, events marketing and advertising.