Turner Construction



Turner Construction, the largest construction management company in the US, engaged AFA to help solidify its position as the leader in sustainable design and construction. Turner charged AFA with the task of broadening the public’s awareness of its green construction capabilities.


AFA developed a comprehensive plan that included both short term and long term elements to position and brand Turner as the “go to” company in the industry for sustainable construction. 

Key elements of the program included:

Market Barometer Surveys:

In order to gain a better understanding of the issues related to green building and the resistance to it by builders, Turner has sponsored biannual national surveys since 2005 that measure the progress of green building in the US. The surveys have become a benchmark of green building and have received wide publicity. They have also been used as a platform for multiple speaking engagements by Turner management and as a new business tool. They have firmly positioned Turner as the thought leader in the industry.

National Green Conference Series:

Building on the success of the surveys, AFA developed a series of conferences that shed light on the benefits of sustainability. The first conference focused on green commercial building; the other two focused on green building in education. More than 700 attendees from a cross section of industry, government and academia joined the distinguished list of expert speakers for the three conferences set in Washington, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Speaking Engagements:

A major part of the strategy was gaining exposure for Turner management. This involved booking C-suite management at industry and environmental conferences. During the course of the program, which is ongoing, more than 20 high level speaking forums were booked. The appearances combined with the publicity generated by the events have enabled Turner to cement its leadership position.


The communications strategy was successful in focusing attention on Turner’s accomplishments and leadership in green building. A major outcome of the program was extensive coverage in major print and broadcast media. Turner has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Business Journal and Harvard Business Review, among others.

AFA recently worked with Turner on its sixth Market Barometer survey, the results of which were released in November 2014. AFA continues to generate coverage of the survey’s findings across a wide variety of trade and business publications.

Turner’s leadership position continues to create a collaborative atmosphere for Turner to work with such national organizations and leading universities as U.S. Green Building Council, the Clinton Global Initiative and Harvard University.