Dollar Tree



Dollar Tree Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTR), which operates discount variety stores offering general merchandise at one-dollar price points, sought to raise its profile among investors and highlight the attractiveness of the company as a solid investment. Dollar Tree partnered with AFA to create national awareness of Dollar Tree in media followed closely by the investment community through a layered, ongoing investor relations and media relations campaign.


AFA began by conducting a thorough perception study of the company by interviewing a targeted sampling of analysts and fund managers, including those who cover the company or own shares and those who don’t to understand how the investment community perceived the company, why they do or do not cover or own Dollar Tree and how AFA could unlock the true value of the company.

The results of the study revealed that while Dollar Tree had a strong business model, the Company still needed to fully gain the trust of the financial marketplace. The study also revealed that the investment community had misconceptions about the company including a lack of the retail experience, not having visited a store. Many investors also didn’t realize that every piece of merchandise in the store was truly priced at one dollar.

In response to the perceptions revealed by the study, AFA developed an investor relations campaign involving an analyst day that included a visit to a Dollar Tree location. This first-hand experience helped solidify a more accurate perception of the company and its business model.

AFA also developed a media relations campaign alongside its investor relations efforts. This part of the program involved telling the corporate story through executive profile pieces and trend stories that provided management with a platform to discuss the company’s success in top tier business/financial and trade media.


The valuation of the stock price increased as a direct result of the ongoing campaign to keep institutional investors and analysts better informed of the company’s business and progress. The results of AFA’s efforts included articles in top tier financial/business media such as Reuters and BusinessWeek and appearances by the CEO on Bloomberg TV, CNN, CNBC and Fox News. Trade media coverage included stories in publications such as Convenience Store Decisions, Chain Store Age, Shopping Centers Today and MMR Mass Market.