Norm Champ



Norm Champ has had a distinguished legal career but his position as Director of Investment Management at the SEC has been the most challenging. After he left the SEC in 2015, he was determined to write a book that captured his experience at the Agency, particularly as he was appointed in 2009 at the height of the Great Recession. Shortly thereafter, he engaged AFA to assist in positioning him as an expert in hedge fund compliance, helping him to find an agent and publisher and launching the book.


In today’s publishing world, a first-time author has little chance of getting a book published. To attract the attention of publishers, the non-fiction author is required to have an established reputation as a thought leader in his/her chosen field. To accomplish this, AFA developed a website for Champ, an extensive media campaign in both the business and financial trade press and a series of speaking engagements for him at highly visible financial forums.

Simultaneously, AFA helped Champ develop a book proposal that could be marketed to agents and worked with him on the form and content of the book. AFA found an agent and an editor that would facilitate the publication of the book.


On March 17, 2017 Champ’s book, Going Public, My Adventures inside the SEC and How to Prevent the Next Devastating Crisis, was published by McGraw-Hill Education to great acclaim. AFA launched the book, getting extensive coverage in the media in the U.S. and internationally through book reviews, media interviews, launch events and published opinion articles in top tier press.

The firm’s contribution to the book’s success is best expressed by Champ in his “Acknowledgments” in the book:

“The man who turned the idea of a book into a practical reality was my publicist, Adam Friedman, who tirelessly searched for an agent to market the book at the same time he was building my website. Adam’s unfailing efforts, steady resolve and sage guidance have been invaluable in making Going Public a reality.”